Bright Future

Most learning challenges DO NOT have to be permanent!  Give your child the future he or she deserves!

Frustrated with Learning?

Learning shouldn't be frustrating!  Make the changes to learn SMARTER NOT HARDER!

Sucess with Homework

Completing homework with your child or youth should be a pleasant experience for both the student and the parent.

Students of All Ages

We help students of all ages make learning easier!  Contact us for a screening assessment.

Self Confidence

We help you gain the skills to learn more efficiently and rebuild your  confidence!

Building New Connections

The brain can learn to reorganize, adapt and create new neural pathways (information highways) to learn more efficiently!

Feeling Good About Yourself

Children and youth should be proud of their success at school!

Loving to Learn

We take for granted being happy to go to school!  Change your child's view of school!

Strong and Balanced

To learn easily and comfortably, we need our underlying learning skills (cognitive skills) to be strong and balanced.

Learning Independantly

Working independantly on classroom assignments is easy when your cognitive skills are strong and balanced!

Active Participation

It feels good to be able to participate actively in the classroom environment!

Going to School

This should be a fun and stimulating experience!


Does this look familiar?

Is homework a battle?

Is your bright child not feeling so bright?

Is your child working very hard, with minimal results?

Is tutoring really fixing the problem?

If you sometimes feel helpless to support your child when it comes to learning, you are not the only one. It's a lonely feeling to see your child struggle in school.

Every classroom has children who are struggling to learn despite proof of their intelligence. 

Learning problems are hurting many more than those who are diagnosed.  In fact, for every child who gets extra help, there are 2 more who need help but don't qualify.  Sadly, many of these children are viewed as lazy or unmotivated.  Their self-esteem gets lower and lower with every "failure".  Some are taught to cope, but the problems are rarely eliminated.

Most learning and attention challenges, whether they are associated with a diagnosis or not (Dyslexia, ADHD, CAPD, NVLD, etc.), do NOT have to be permanent.

At the Center for Cognitive Learning (CCL), we help students of all ages become comfortable learners. 

How do we do it?  By developing individualized training programs to increase or correct weak or unbalanced underlying learning skills which are at the root of the learning problem.

If your child or youth's struggles also include concerns with conduct at school and/or home, we often combine our services with an individualized behavioural program provided by Hébert Family Support Services (HFSS)

The team at HFSS provides tremendous support to the CCL team, the school team and directly with the family when it comes to managing undesirable behaviours and developing new and positive routines.  Check out their website for more information at

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“Every man can, if he so desires, become the sculptor of his own brain”.

- Santiago Ramon y Cajal
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